1. What is Art?

Essayist Roger Rosenblatt tackles the question “What is art?” ROGER ROSENBLATT: There’s an exhibition of Vermeer paintings in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art that contains a painting about the art of

2. Mission:or What is it that we want to accomplish

The Applied History of Art and Architecture (AHAA): Mission Statement This is a complete course in the history of art and architecture around for high school students and their teachers. Mission: to

3. A Word to the Teacher

  Applied History of Art and Architecture ahaafoundation.org  is the interactive website created for high school students and their teachers. Hello and Welcome. The Applied History of Art and Architecture (AHAA) Educational

4. About Standards

Not only are standards the hot topic for American education; they also supply different ideas about ways of presenting information. Therefore I am placing the URLs for a number of sites. Each

Jerome Kagan on Why the Arts Matter

Jerome Kagan, Ph.D., of Harvard University, spoke about the importance of arts education in elementary schools during the Learning, Arts, and the Brain conference at Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore

The Arts and Academic Achievement

The gathering of research about the effect of arts on individuals is an important part of the work of the AHAA Foundation. This piece can be found at https://csmp.ucop.edu/tcap/news/08_29_00.html

The Ideas Behind This Course

  I think some of you would like to know where I am coming from. What is the point of what I am doing? I feel strongly that, if the students in